Contracting Technology above 2.000 m2


Some videos about our projects


TAKATA factory, Miskolc

This is the largest and most modern factory of TAKATA - 05.06.2015.




Groupama Arena (FTC stadium), Budapest

Opened the most modern stadium in Europe -10.10.2014.

It was the plan of the new stadium



Duplo LEGOLand, Nyíregyháza

Let's see how the new LEGO factory was built in Nyíregyháza.



It could be the new house of Jedi Starfighters.


 "ÁRKÁD" Shopping Center, Budapest

This is the biggest Shopping Center in Hungary.


















Givaudan new production facility - Makó, Hungary

Best-in-class savoury flavours and snack seasoning manufacturing facility.





Givaudan presences in Makó, Hungary

Opening of this new factory - 03.10.2012.

      ENSI Building Engineering, Technological and Energetical Constructing Ltd. - HVAC installation in Buildings over 2.000 m2


  • Assessment of needs, quoting
  • HVAC design
  • Operational and energetical consulting
  • Complete implementing and constructing of HVAC system
  • Installation of industrial manufacturer technologies
  • Full implementation of energetical, operational projects
  • Acquisition of HVAC equipments
  • Technical control of HVAC
  • Licensing of HVAC
  • Service and maintenance




  • Energetical investments
  • Industrial plants
  • Business centers, office blocks
  • Commercial installations
  • Other, special buildings, e.g. embassies, large kitchens, film studios, musical centers, etc.

          HVAC implementing


Clients - Partners

  • Construction general contractors
  • Real estate developers
  • Industrial customers

Countries, where we work

  • Hungary
  • Russia
  • Poland
  • Germany



Values - Aspirations

  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Efficiency
  • Human relations
  • Team work - with engineering and human aspects

        Commitment in the frontline.



     Office address:

    ENSI Kft.

    Groupama Aréna (Fradi-stadion)
    Üllői út 129., I. emelet

    H - 1091

    Phone: +36 1 248-2199
    Fax     : +36 1 248-2190

    Direct e-mail: Click here!



       Ensi Kft. - Quality Assurance Systems: MSZ EN ISO 9001:2008 / 2015.november;  MSZ EN ISO 14001:2004 / 2017. november

       Innovative solutions: HVAC systems for cleaning room technology, environment-orientated and energy-saving HVAC systems implementing

       All that is HVAC: Cooling, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, compressed air, water, canal, gas, fire water, rain water systems, fire protection, sprinkler system,

     HVAC insulation, builiding automation.

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